In my work I examine, expand and negotiate the concept of female identity within a rampant consumer culture through the use of a wide range of materials, images and processes.

Familiar cultural images and brands are literally ‘disconnected and cut out’ of their context. Ideas are re-contextualised, images free to roam, fly in which ever direction, zig-zag, nest or fly straight. I am keenly interested in how information and the language of images and text of consumer culture impacts on how we interpret and understand the world. And, how an altered and removed context both frees and connects the potential meaning of a phrase or image, into something else. The fragments of image are ‘re-arranged’ and reassembled into a new narrative with multiple layers and new patterns of understanding. Julia Cameron (The Artists way: 280) states:

“Humans are complex, creative beings, and when we create something that expresses our own complexity, we arrive at an inner distillate of clarity through our own creative inner process”.

In my work I also play with moulds and repetition as a way of referencing the ‘mimetic’ (Braidotti) culture. Intended as a dynamic assemblage of difference and points of intersection, images and ideas and altered into something I would not have imagined, at the start.

Rosi Braidotti speaks of the creative force, a head start towards the task of envisioning alternative world orders and more humane social systems.
A Becoming – grounding memories, a sense of self and identity that have infinite possibilities to generate transversal and collective transformations.