In my art practise I explore, expand and negotiate the idea of self and identity through a range of materials, such as clay; images borrowed from consumer culture and processes such as excavating, re-assembling, making moulds and the ceramic processes of firing and applying oxides.

I am curious about the idea of identity in a linear, vitrified and consumer culture in which images of the inner self and parts have been lost, like the inner child and our woundedness. On the one hand there is the societal construction of self and on the other the dynamics of an authentic and complex self.

The process of my art making is a listening in order to uncover things that make me curious and reveal deeper meanings and endless possibilities. Connections explored between the construct and the natural can then be observed and reconsidered as a new reflection of what lies beneath. These new ways of seeing allow revelation rather than concealment and lucidity more than obscurity.

Listening and finding the unexpected aliveness and presence is a healing force in my art making.