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I participated in Skin to Skin, the South African narrow exhibition, part of Kaunas Art Biennial: TEXTILE 07, Kaunas, Lithuania. This exhibition was curated by Fiona Kirkwood and ran from November 30th 2007 to March 2nd 2008. It then showed at the Standard Bank Gallery, April 15th to May 10th 2008.

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SKIN - TO - SKIN, April 15th to May 10th 2008

Curated by Fiona Kirkwood, South Africa.

Excerpt from catalogue

"Skin - to - Skin" is a celebration of the diversity of work done by South African artists using textile-related concepts, techniques and materials. The title "Skin - to - Skin" is a metaphor for the present day amalgamation of the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural groups that in the past under Apartheid were separated on the basis of the colour of their skin. In this exhibition the artistic fruits of a new unified South African society are represented by the textile-related works on show.

For this exhibition, Lijnes focuses on beaded and embroidered portraits of two homeless women on fabric, as well as portraits, of two different angles, of a tribal woman on plastic bags. The tribal woman represents a period of traditional society when there were no discarded homeless people. Ironically, the discarded mass-produced bags are subsequently retrieved by the homeless and used to house their worldly goods.

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Patricia and Francina (2007)
Organza, plastic bags, astro glass, thread, beads.
125 x 280 cm
Corporate Collection: Home Choice (beaded portraits)
Unisa Art Collection (2x Plastic bag works)

At the Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg.



Silent Shouting (2008).
Organza, beads, fish gut, silk and thread.
Centre piece: 1,890 x 1,470 m,
2 x side pieces: 1,040 x 1,300 m

With Margie Garrett.

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